Wellness massages

Rejuvenate your body, mind and soul.

Hot stone massage

The masseur heats the stones with very hot water and then places them on the energy points of the body. The heat spreads and allows the body to relax completely. This massage will give you new sensations, promoting relaxation and letting go.

60min  CHF 130 .-


Skintao Massage

Facial massage using the Kobido massage technique.

It causes blood to flow into the tissues and certain muscles of the face in order to firm the skin. Your complexion is more radiant thanks to improved circulation. Anti-aging treatment par excellence.

30min  CHF 70 .-  / 

55min  CHF 130 .-


Relaxing massage

Depending on the essential oils used, this massage will give you pleasure and relaxation, tone, relief, or immune protection.

60min  CHF 120 .- /

90min  CHF 190 .-


Balinese massage

A mixture of Indian, Indonesian and Thai techniques, it is carried out all over the body and uses massage oil supplemented with essential oils according to individual needs. It is both relaxing, energizing and draining.

60min  CHF 130 .-


Traditional Chinese

foot massage

Energetic, it uses stretching muscles as well as the pressure of acupressure points. It is based on the principle that each reflex zone corresponds to a part of the body. Pressures promote your well-being and help you release stress. This massage begins with a relaxing herbal foot bath.

40min  CHF 68 .- with foot bath


Anti-cellulite slimming massage

Promotes the elimination of toxins and improves microcirculation. Its draining and firming actions specifically redraw your silhouette and reduce areas of encrusted or emerging cellulite (watery, adipose, fibrous).

60min  CHF 160 .-  /

90min  CHF 190 .-


Personalized back

and neck massage

It relaxes deeply to soften and release tension.

60min  CHF 150 .-


Leg massage

(heavy /swollen)

This massage uses the palpate-roll technique, specific to lymphatic drainage, which allows you to refine your legs, facilitate circulation and thus bring a great feeling of lightness.

60min  CHF 120 .-

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