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© 2020 Healthgardenwellness - Geneva

© 2020 Healthgardenwellness - Geneva

Other TCM care

Tuina massage, moxibustion, cupping therapy and pediatric tuina.

Tuina massage

This massage refers to all of the manual therapies used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). It brings together around 300 joint and muscle manipulation and mobilization techniques. It takes into consideration both the anatomical and energetic aspects of Chinese medical theory of meridians and acupuncture points.


It is a dynamic massage that acts in depth. It can, for example, regulate internal functions such as digestion, but also inflammation and pain. This massage is also very effective in the treatment of stomach problems.


Our therapists are ASCA and RME accredited.
These treatments can therefore be reimbursed by your supplemental health insurance plan.


Main pathologies treated

with tuina

Neck, back, or lumbar pain


Epicondylitis (tennis elbow)

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Pain and injury to knees or ankles

Various muscle and joint pains

Sciatalgia (sciatic nerve)

Other musculoskeletal pain or problems

Symptoms of Parkinson's disease

Dizziness associated with cervical osteoarthritis

Tuina physiotherapy (acute problems)

Duration : 30 min    CHF 150.-


Tuina Massage (tuina anmo) 

Duration : 45 min    CHF 150.-


Tuina massage is in itself an effective therapeutic approach. However, we often associate it with other approaches to traditional Chinese medicine, such as cupping or acupuncture.


ASCA and RME approved therapist, reimbursement possible through your complementary health insurance.


Moxibustion is a technique which consists in heating a dried plant (a variety of sagebrush compacted in the form of cones) on an acupuncture point and in making its heat penetrate through the skin.


Moxibustion helps tone the body by promoting blood and energy circulation. We use it to treat several pathologies but also preventively, depending on the assessment made by the therapist.


Main pathologies treated

with moxibustion

Certain female and male infertility

Gynecological disorders

Rheumatic, muscle and joint pain

Great fatigue and exhaustion


Duration : 30 min    CHF 70.-

ASCA and RME approved therapist, reimbursement possible through your complementary health insurance.

Cupping therapy

This technique involves placing the suction cup on a specific region of the body. The vacuum suction created in this way draws blood from the deeper layers to the area that needs treatment.

Cupping therapy particularly relieves sore muscles and back pain. It improves blood circulation in the capillary blood vessels of muscles, connective tissues and fasciae. It also improves lymphatic circulation. You will quickly feel a decrease in pain, tension, contractions and muscle spasms. Cupping is particularly indicated for athletes, because it allows faster elimination of lactic acid that muscles have accumulated during physical exertion.


Main pathologies treated by suction cups


Stress and anxiety Muscle aches

Back and neck pain

Headache and migraines

Boosting the immune system

Suction cups

Duration : 10 min    Variable prices


Cupping therapy is very commonly combined with acupuncture treatment to increase its effects.


ASCA certified therapist, reimbursement possible through your complementary health insurance.

Pediatric tuina

Tuina pediatric massage is a safe, natural and effective way to treat health problems, prevent disease and promote the growth of children.


This technique stimulates acupuncture points and meridians without using needles. It improves the energy flow (qi) and the blood circulation of the child in order to harmonize the functioning of the organs. It also stimulates brain growth and development, and improves physical condition and the immune system. Children generally respond very well to tuina massage until the age of six. The younger they are, the more effective the massage will be. Main pathologies treated with pediatric Tuina


Main pathologies treated by pediatric Tuina

Abdominal pain, colic and constipation

Congenital muscle torticollis

Cough, asthma

whooping cough

Infantile convulsions 


Sleep problems

Night terrors

Growth retardation

Diarrhea and vomiting

Pediatric tuina

Variable price and duration

ASCA certified therapist, reimbursement possible through your complementary health insurance.


Main pathologies treated with phytotherapy


Postpartum care

Premenstrual syndrome


Addictions (alcohol, tobacco, etc.)


Restless legs syndrome



Benign prostatic hyperplasia

Urinary tract infection

Prostate cancer

Respiratory problems


Sleep problems


Viral and bacterial infections

Phytotherapy Prescription

Duration : 30 min    CHF 60.-

ASCA certified therapist, reimbursement possible through your complementary health insurance.

Chinese herbal medicine is one of the 5 branches of traditional Chinese medicine. It has been used for centuries in China, where herbalism is considered the first preferred approach for many acute and chronic conditions.

The phytotherapist will help stimulate and strengthen your immune system by drawing inspiration from the "Materia Medica", a text of traditional Chinese medicine which lists thousands of herbs and minerals. Hundreds of active substances are thus assembled to create a formula adapted to each pathology.

Your herbal medicine prescription can be composed in different ways: decoction of dried herbs, powders or swallowing pills, concentrated granules, poultices or ointments.