Therapeutic massages

Performed by experienced therapists, they relieve pain and improve your well-being.

Our therapists are ASCA and RME accredited.
These treatments can therefore be reimbursed by your supplemental health insurance plan.


Craniosacral therapy

This gentle method resulting from cranial osteopathy acts on the upper and lower attachment points of the body axis, i.e. the spine. The goal is to restore the curvature and flexibility of this axis, which goes from the skull to the sacrum.

60min  CHF 150 .-

Femme reçevant des gestes techniques de thérapie Craniosacrale à Genève

Foot reflexology

Your body's natural healing abilities are stimulated by using both massage and acupressure methods on specific reflex points on the foot. These repeated pressures and manipulations allow you to unblock energy channels and improve your overall health and balance.

60min  CHF 120 .-

75min CHF 150.- (with foot bath)

Therapeutic massage

It is beneficial for those with chronic pain, injuries and those who are pre/post rehab. This Massage help decrease pain by reducing inflammation and increasing range of motion.

60min CHF 150.-


Sports Massage

This massage essentially targets the most active muscles, in order to relieve them: back, arms, legs and feet. It frees up muscles, promotes lymphatic circulation and improves your blood circulation.

60min  CHF 150 .-

90min  CHF 190 .-


Back massage

Full back, shoulder and neck massage. Practiced on a bed.

30min  CHF 90 .-


Swedish massage

Swedish massage (or classic massage) acts on your general well-being. For example, it is ideal for relieving muscle tension after a day at the office. It helps you to eliminate the various accumulated tensions, which can be harmful for your health.

60min  CHF 140 .-


Reflexology for babies

Reflexology with children can begin at birth. It is a precious tool that helps to relieve the little child of the various disorders and tensions encountered at this time of his life in a non-invasive and comforting way.

30min  CHF 60 .-

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